A web portal for people with Asperger's syndrome and Autism

Our history of experiences, as well as scientific knowledge attest that ideals of the flawless person, therefore of "normalcy" and uniformity are a pointless and hurtful chimera.

True strength hides in mutual respect and diversity, which is why we offer content which defends and celebrates diversity, whilst also offering ways of finding mutual understanding.   

Asperger's syndrome and autism have historically been weighed down by a justifiable, but easily disputable approach which emphasizes faultiness and dysfunction. Thanks to new research, technologies, but mainly the sharing of lived experiences by people with Autism, we now know that such people are not lesser. They are neither less valuable, nor disturbed. They are merely a product of human diversity, simply another way of being human.

Neurodiversity brings about fascinating experiences, which can enrich our society in all aspects of life. From art, through technology, natural sciences or humanities, all the way to everyday life. The thoughts and experiences tied to Asperger's syndrome and Autism have historically brought us innovation, new insights and eye-opening adventures. That is why we wish to contribute to the evolution of Autistic culture - a space which favors neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity likewise challenges our society, us as individuals, people on the Autism spectrum, their loved ones, families, teachers, colleagues and others. We are still learning about the nature of these challenges, as our understanding of Autism is in many ways still in its infancy. We believe that helpfully constructed reasearch, as well as the authentic experiences of people with Asperger's syndrome, autism or other divergences are the best source of understanding. As such we shed light on these subjects in many aspects of life:

  • For instance, you will find here various tips and ideas on how to deal with sensory hypo- and hypersensitivity. Be that a matter of lifestyle, or useful tools.
  • We will be offering various insights on how to quickly recognize states of emotional de-regulation, and how to contribute to better emotional regulation. Either in the form of stimming, or other individual strategies.
  • We want to contribute to a mutual understanding of our social life, which is the key to coexistence. Social reality is ever-changing and its interpretations can be varied, which is why it is important to seek a mutual path without unnecessary prejudices or judgements.
  • All forms of communication are helpful on this mutual path. We would like to contribute to a more balanced view of other forms of communication and to the breaking of myths regarding communication.  
  • Many other forms of diversity are connected to Asperger's syndrome and autism, such as diversity of gender or sexuality. We likewise want to pay attention to them, especially from a human rights angle. 

It is no coincidence that we have opened this web portal on the 18th of June, being the Autistic Pride Day. Our goal is to offer pride, joy and self-discovery in terms of Asperger's Syndrome, Autism and other forms of diversity. Such people are finally finding their voices, and gaining control over their lives. This upwards trend brings a great deal of hope. We believe that neither fearmongering over the "Autism epidemic," nor the overbearing pathologising of human uniqueness gives support to people on the autism spectrum, and does nothing to give them acceptance from the general public. 

The web portal #beznávodu is therefore primarily a voice for people with Asperger's syndrome and autism. It brings joy and humanity into this subject, whilst allowing people on the autistic subject to stand up for their needs and support each other in their daily struggles.

People with Asperger's syndrome and autism are not a problem that needs to be fixed. They are people which need to be known and understood. That is the purpose of this web portal. We believe that it will be an inspiring place, full of mutual understanding, and a safe space for the sharing of our experiences.  

Viera Hincová and Kristína Převrátil Alexy, authors of #beznávodu. Translated by Riley Crawford   

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